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McGregor - History

McGregor Hardware was established in 1866 by the McGregors, a family of Irish immigrants. At first a small retail store, McGregor Hardware soon grew into a large wholesale business covering a wide territory in and around Springfield. In those early days, salesmen traveled by horseback or buggy to call on their customers. Teamsters travelled many miles and camped in distant towns hauling hardware and other merchandise.

Over the years, the McGregor family sold the company shares. In 1986 today’s owners took full ownership but continued to operate under the same name as McGregor Hardware. McGregor Hardware has been in business for over 140 years and is one of the leaders in the wholesale hardware business in the Ozarks area.

Today, the company continues to do business much the same way as it did in the old days. It delivers goods and services to its loyal customers at affordable wholesale prices in a timely manner. However, McGregor believes there is more to doing business than just delivering goods and services at a fair price. Its focus has been on maintaining excellent relationships with suppliers and customers while doing business fairly.

McGregor plans to maintain its high standard of excellence while continue to provide goods and services to the hardware industry for many years to come.

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